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1977-Allen Baker had met Roger AKA “Trash” while working for Charlie’s Choppers and over time they became very close friends.
1978- Allen and Trash were sitting around shootin the shit and decided to start their own club in Carson City NV. A 3 piece patch was created, some of the original members included Bryan AKA “Bitch“, Don AKA “Hash pipe“, and Marty AKA “Country boy“. At that time they valued the support of brotherhood and camaraderie as well as raising a little hell from time to time.
Later in 1978-Lords Of Iron were the first Established MC in Carson City and the Second in Northern Nevada. Over the years Lords Of Iron held annual charity events such as the Eagles Valley Children’s home Christmas event which brought tons of presents and trees to the organization and even a Van equipped for the handicapped.
Late 80’s early 90’s Some of the members played in your typical low budget biker movie called showdown.
1994-With members that had moved on and times had changed. Lords Of Iron had been put to rest but the brotherhood had remained strong between brothers.
2005-With Allen relocated to northern Calif, Trash had begun to fight personal health issues which brought them back together. Once again the thought of brotherhood remained strong and in their hearts.
2009-It was clear to Allen and Trash that the brotherhood should come back together and they started to rebuild what once was.
2011-Lords Of Iron was reestablished in Carson City NV with some of the old members including Allen, Trash, Johnny, and Brad in addition to new members Kevin, Jerry, Mike, and Dan.
2012- Members from Santa Rosa CA including Allen were patched under Carson City. In September of 2012 California brothers had branched off forming their local Chapter and deeming Carson City as the Mother Charter.
The club was also moved from the 3 piece 1% style patch to a 2 piece club with the emphasis on not only brotherhood but family as well. Both Carson and Northern Calif participate in local motorcycle memberships such as North bay Motorcycle Association (North bay area CA) and the Confederation of clubs (Nevada). Both chapters respect all local clubs and those who respect us. Riding, Brotherhood, and Family is what Lords Of Iron stands for and will continue to stand for!
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